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If you order several products, each one will be sent in a separate package (in most cases).


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NOHA Reviews 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

Check out NOHA reviews compiled from the 100,000+ satisfied customers we have served worldwide.

Katherine - ★★★★★


(for indecisive buyers) Overall, I can’t complain about this device too much. I love the NOHA that comes with it! I’ve seen surprising results after my 5th week of using already, which is nice! My legs glow for a week straight and as of right now, I only shave the parts where I want my hair removed once a week as well.

Alexis G - ★★★★★


I cannot believe how well this little device works. I didn't really start to notice til week 5 but that's when it hit me... I was going a full week without shaving and my legs were only looking like it'd been one day. Also my bikini line and armpits have never looked so nice. I didn't even realize I could shave without irritation and in grown hairs. I wish I discovered this thing YEARS ago. But I'm so glad I did. Totally worth the investment!

Sanja Karafiloski - ★★★★★

Happiness to share..

The instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to use. I have had a hair on my upper lip for YEARS. Like since I was 8. I’ve always been self conscious about it and would try anything to remove it such as nair, waxing, and yes... even shaving at times😢smh. The waxing was working but it started becoming painful and would leave marks on my skin that would take weeks to heal. I had enough and came on this website in search of something better, and I FOUND IT! Within three weeks I started noticing results and have been spreading the word ever since. I am MORE than impressed with this product and and very happy with my purchase

Ceylan Sonmez - ★★★★★

At home and Cheap!

No need to go to a laser clinic! I don't write reviews but I recommended this product to so many of my friends. It works. My photo is after 6 treatments. I shaved my control arm only when I shaved the arm that I treated. See the results!!

Nikki - ★★★★★


I should have ordered this months ago! I'm a couple of treatments in and already seeing less hair on my legs! I also noticed that the little dots (from hair follicles?) have reduced, making my skin look smoother. I think it will take the full 8 weeks to have results with my armpits but I cannot wait to be shave-free going forward. Also important, at level 6 it has been pain-free!

Sabrina L.


The product is awesome. It started to work within a few week.

Mary U.

Works Great

Not painful at all, but absolutely works. I don't have to shave as frequently and feel a lot more confident when going out after a missing a few days without shaving.

Amy A.

Hair removal

It does work. Very well on blonde hairs on the body. The dark hairs seem to be taking longer.

Hannah K.

Great, effective product!

I have loved this hair removal product! I have been using it for a couple of months now and definitely notice a difference. Would highly recommend!

Jalaya M.

Does what is says

I have only been using it a short time but have loved the results thus far. I dint think this eliminates hair completely but definitely makes them lighter and less coarse. For an at home ipl it definitely worth the spend. Downfall is you shouldn't start in the summer as the areas treated shouldn't be exposed to sun

Jess D.

It definitely works!!

My experience with NOHA has been great! Week by week my hair is growing back thinner and more sparse. The hairs that do grow back now are barely noticeable!